Pen and ink experiments

Hummingbird ink wash drawing

The finished drawing with water brush, brush pen, and fountain pen.

I’ve been experimenting a bit. For the longest time I’ve worked with a sable brush, pen, black ink, and water. I still like those tools but for small drawings it’s a lot of prep and cleanup, and it’s labor-intensive to control tones and washes.

Last week I picked up this Pentel water brush, and then found this lovely Pilot Iroshizuku grey ink. It’s meant for pens, but its natural shading and solubility make for these nice, controllable warm grey washes with the water brush. A Kuretake brush pen a friend got me awhile back is great for details and linework, along with a fountain pen.

I need more practice to get used to these tools but I’m excited about being able to ink in quick bursts while doing other dad things, with no worries about ink drying in bristles or spilling my ink well.