Beautiful images of snowy trees and icy lakes from Swiss photographer Pierre Pelligrini

I really love these images.

Stray observation: it’s interesting the way this photographer, Pierre Pelligrini, uses Instagram’s square frame. Back in the day, medium-format film (usually 6cm x 6cm negatives, or “120”) also had a square frame, a format that was widely used thanks to cameras like the Rolleiflex that were popular with journalists, portraitists, and fine-art photographers for their simplicity, portability, and optics. Famous users include Diane Arbus and Viviane Mayer.

Square frames became a signature of a certain kind of landscape and street photography that fell somewhere in between the Ansel Adams tribe with their stately-but-cumbersome view cameras and the run-and-gun, grainy 35mm Gary Winogrand types. Thoughtful and detailed but not so static. It’s nice to see Instagram is maybe helping to re-popularize that visual style.