Wow, I’m still alive. Lets do that again.

I ran across this article earlier about the friendship between two skeleton racers in the Olympics, one from Ghana, the other, Jamaica. It’s a great read, but I especially love this bit:

Akwasi Frimpong, 32… remembers thinking on [his] first run [on the sled]: “Oh, man, I’m going to die. You want to brake, but there are no brakes. If there was a button to press stop, I would have.”

But then he got to the bottom nearly a minute later, alive, and recovered his athletic instincts.

“The competitiveness in you says why not go back up and make less mistakes and go even faster,” he said.

I wonder how many great inventions and accomplishments have happened after moments like that in human history? “Well, that was dangerous and terrifying… let’s go again.”