A camera and a fine evening are eternal

The lakefront in Columbia, Maryland

I'm sitting on the docks tonight at the lake and there's a kid, a bit south of 20, I'd guess, wandering up and down the pier, snapping photo after photo on his phone. it's a beautiful, early-spring evening, a little chilly, but there's golden sunset light bouncing all around and the surface of the lake is lit up by the turquoise sky. A great evening to take pictures, in fact.

I've been watching the kid out of the corner of my eye, remembering how at his age I used to wander for hours around the old parts of Staunton, and the even-older parts of Baltimore, taking pictures with my old film camera.

It's inspiring to see him here, admiring the evening with his brilliant little networked pocket supercomputer. I wonder what stories he's putting together.