On fountain pens and brave new worlds

In which I find something else to nerd out about

I found a specialty pen shop nearby, where I picked up this great Pilot Namiki fountain pen. Super smooth, and allows just a bit of modulation in the line, nice heft to it.

My shiny new pen.

My curiosity was inspired by cartoonist Dan Berry, who talks a bit about his search for the perfect pen on his blog, “Things by Dan.”

I’ve always preferred drawing with brushes and have usually found pens difficult: it was hard for me to draw expressive lines with the felt tips I had laying around. I’ve also played with dip pens, but my drawing is a bit too impatient and sketchy and I usually end up just scratching holes in my paper.

So I was really interested to hear that fountain pens offered more sensitivity. After playing with mine for an hour or so, I can already feel a difference. So, cheers, Dan Berry.

Dan Berry also has a wonderful podcast called “Make It Then Tell Everybody” which you should listen to immediately.