I'm an independent designer, illustrator, and writer living near Baltimore.

I do a bunch of different things and probably have too many preoccupations. But all my work boils down to roughly the same thing: putting bits and pieces together to tell a story — that is, a structure that takes you from one place to another. With, ideally, some good views along the way.
A bit more about me, with pictures

I make pictures. Often more slowly than I’d like. Putting pencil to paper — dragging it around and leaving a mark behind — is a simple act that, in theory, precludes thought. But instead it stirs up endless anxieties and joys and fixations in me and this is probably why I can’t work faster. Nonetheless, leaving one mark always makes me want to leave another.

And so: on to the next one.

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I’ve been designing things for about 20 years. My first gig was a website for an employment office in my hometown. I was lucky to get that job, and I’ve been lucky ever since; I’ve worked with many clients who do great work that I’m proud to contribute to.

Along the way I’ve followed a winding path, but branding and interaction design have become specialties. I especially love the way that branding and user experience influence one another, and I love building a brand concept out into a living design system.

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